Heyo Peoplez! My name is Akira "Shiteji" Mizushima, and welcome to my lame expense to make a fiction.

Chapter 1 - Says Who? Edit

"Hello.. My name is Akira, Although there is nothing much I could tell you all.. But it is a great honor to meet you." Akira's practice run on a greeting, "No no no no.. *epic sigh* this is harder than I thought..".

After many hours he finally stops, he eventually drops on his bed, "If only this was easier.." He says with great doubt, he sat up on his bed, looking over to the nightstand, he then shut off the lights.

He played on his bed, closing his eyes for a split second, before opening them yet again due to a sound in his room, "What the.." He said, as a figure with a cloak tower over him, he punches the figure out of reflex, the figure fell on it's behind, making the cloak reveal it's face.

"Good morning, Onii-chan.." The figure says, "Says.. Who?".

Chapter 2 - Well this is unsettling.. Edit