I'm new to Zener's Wolf Pack.

I like to draw, write and hang with my friends. My family is kinda messy. Not the dirty, jumble way, the mixed way. I usually stay in and don't explore the world much so I'm a bit shy.

I dedcided to create an account on Zener's Wolf pack because a friend in school is on it. I can sometimes be a bit awkward and silly.

I like to write stories about my fan art character but they aren't that good so please don't judge. Ask any question about me (If you dare!) and I'll try to answer truthfully.

My Fanfiction Character is Luna.Kristal.H. She is part fox, vampire, goddess, soul eater, sprite and is in a 'royal blood line' of the two remaining souls of the kingdom that once lived. "The two remaining souls" is a legend told. (You Find out later)