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Adair is one of the Knights from the Royal Order.

Lore Edit

Adair was a simple knight, who have meet Avv before his lost eye, different from Avv's destiny, Adair tried to go after the wolves, before having his entire mind damaged by a Eldritch being, which forced him to 'remake' his entire memory, which made him into a more serious Elite Knight, to the point that he would put his entire life into protecting anyone from the pack.

Once the pack got into it's silence, the knight seems to be never heard about again, as it seems like he disappeared with the time, creating rumors about himself. Some can tell that he got corrupted into the eldritch horror from his past, Others telling that he just lives with a tortured memory, and both of those rumors just leads into the fact about his silence.

Design Edit

Just like most knights from the wolf pack, A normal looking armor, but with the chestplate being in a more light color, along with a dark and dirty cape

Weapons Edit

Longsword - Simple longsword, without many details or powers, forged with a strong metal, enough to handle some beasts, but not sharp enough to cause a Shield or Armor cut.

Wolf's Greatshield - The Greatshield of the Knights, created to protect from most projectiles and attacks.

Greatsword of the Fallen Ones - A honorable blade, not used by many knights, as it was forged to stand against the ancient and unknown creatures from the cosmic, it was made specifically for Adair.

Trivia Edit

  • His entire lore was based in some parts of Lovecraft's works
  • The Character's design was based by Artorias, The Abysswalker from the DARK SOULS series

Credits Edit

The Character was created by The Great Avv any credits or change, you must ask him first.