This page is all about the main personality of SlakingOff A.K.A Alpha A.K.A Ben or BEN A.K.A The Derpy Fosh!

Alpha's Appearances

Alpha has three main appearances dependant on his mood:

  • Normal: Normally, Alpha will appear as a 13 and 3/4 year old male with dark blonde hair, blue eyes and very sharp teeth. He wears a black button up shirt and normal jeans. Being Excelsis of The Vampires, he holds sovereignty over all vampires and is said to lead a Second War of Transgression. His personality is typically quite maniacal and charming.
  • Sombre: When Alpha is depressed he will appear with black hair, blood red eyes and pristine white teeth. He will wear a black suit with a silver trim and black trousers with a silver trim around the pockets. He will have two swords called aurostellata and cecistellata. Aurostellata is a short sword which is black with a gold trim with the sword's butt being shaped like a star. Cecistellata is a longsword which is white with a silver trim with the sword's butt shaped like a blade. He will dual-wield these along with gauntlets. The left being black and the right being black. His personality will be depressive, lonely and sad.
  • Immorteum: When in this form, he will be wearing a black set of armour with the emblem of a hawk with its wings outspread placed upon the chestplate. He will be wearing a helmet with a red visor and the words 'Nescio Mortem' placed upon the visor. He will also be wearing a red cloak with a red outer trim. On his back will be a  black greatsword capable of casting the spells 'Death', 'Ultima', 'Dark Orb' and 'Dark Soul'. He will be extremely angry at everything  and his rage will only be quenched when 'His Three Princesses' gather in front of him.

Alpha's Relationships

  • Zener: Despite everything he may say, he loves Zener with every inch of his stone, cold, burnt heart. He would do anything for her and tries to do nothing that will ever upset her. 
  • Siria: Confused by her intellect and her dazzling yet deeply beauty, Alpha was mesmerized by her. He can not help but look at her with interest and some...desire.
  • Ellie: Normal Alpha doesn't mind Ellie and finds her quite pleasant company. Sombre Alpha loves Ellie more possibly than Alpha loves Zener. Unfortunately, he doesn't think she loves him back.
  • Stars: They hate each other. That's about it to be honest but on the others insistence they have to get along.

He's currently dating one of the girls and has been since February 19.


Alpha is also known as Ben, or a Derpy Fosh, from Zener!~