"You shouldn't stand.. When you're already down... And being down means you have to stay down.. Understand?!" - Arcturus to a Downed Enemy

Personality Edit

A shy yet playful person is Arcturus, his bright glow and dark gaze is the perfect match for taking down anyone he can... Until he gets bored and sits around on the grass all fucking day long.

Appearance Edit


"Pfft.. I'm bored.."

His golden hair shines the brightest at day, His orange yet brown eyes can stare you down with a deathly gaze, A weird marking on his chest is sometimes hidden, His pale skin is as warm as the star itself although it never takes a toll on his body nor his clothes.. His black jacket doesn't warm him up at all, it cools him down, His white shirt keeps his temperature down, His black dress pants can intimidate most people, He never wears any shoes, only barefooted.

Abilities Edit

Super Human Prowess - Due to being born from a star, his body is literally a nuclear fusion core, though much much much less destructive than one, Kinda... His single finger can lift 23 metric tons of weight, a slow walk is just 1mph, a run is 23,000mps.. His mind is straight as a gamma ray (Which is not usually straight), so he is just above average IQ.

Super Heated Skin - Once his jacket is taken off, all cooling functions shut down, turning him into a human fireball minus the fire, his hands turn into flames of red coloring, his feet give off so much energy, that he could practically fly.

The Element of PUNishments - Until he gets the hang of any new company, he'll activate the PUNishments, without a sign that says stop, he will continue to say bad puns.

Random PUNishments Edit

"I am ready to PUNish"

"Sorry.. I'm not that used to having CEompany."

"Is it that not a skele-ton good?"

"Is it weird that when skeletons are peeved, they can't because nothing ever gets in their skin!"