The Second Guard of the Pack, Notorious by his Calm Mind personality and Honor

Vital statistics
Position Royal Guard
Age 19
Status Alive, Wounded
Physical attributes
Height 5’8”
Weight Unknown


Avv is a simple human with bunny-like features, he encountered the Wolf Pack after getting unknown injures, mostly around his face, it seems to be uknown how he really got this kind of damage, but the best logical explanation could be the cause of a Beast's violent claws.

By his injures, he fainted in a clear view around the woods, it's possible that he was taken away to the Wolf Pack, but since he was unconscious, not even himself knows what really happened to be there.

Even though he promised his honor towards the leader of the pack, probably to keep himself alive, he has many doubts about it, but tries to keep those doubts in secret, maybe he could find his answers one day.

Character DesignEdit

Normal Design Edit

Avv, just like told in the story, is a simple human. The bunny-like features are results of a crossbreeding with another bunny-like Lady, most of his clothes are casual wear and some sort of purple colored feature, that goes from hats, scarfs and suits, to nails and lipsticks.

Royal Guard Design Edit

He wears an Armor with white colored hard material, along with golden aristocratic details on the gloves and chestplate, to hide most of the armor, he also wears a dark colored 'justaucorp' coat


A Calm Mind person, he likes to take many things slowly, including his own anger, with an obvious hate of being pressed in doing things more quickly.


  • His First Appearance in any story is on "Shattered Dreams, Chapter Three - Activation"
  • Even though he is called a Secondary Unit, he has been the first character with the Royal Guard title
  • He is not an Canon Related character yet, as the creator does not know which universe he is more fitting.