Characters appearing in Part One: The Blood of BillionsEdit

Raine (protagonist)

Ian Conagher (deuteragonist)

Darkness Parker (deuteragonist)

Subject 3301 (tritagonist)

Part One: The Blood of Billions Edit

The last thing I remember, the entire universe was being destroyed. The skies rained fire. The oceans boiled. The cosmos, ran red, with the blood of billions. I saw people dying. Pregnant woman getting their fetuses violently getting ripped out, then getting ripped in half by breaking their spine and ripping them apart. People being erased into dust by these 'Omega Beams.' My berserker went out of hand. I tore out the hearts from innocent aliens and humans and drunk the blood from their still-beating heart. I was targeted. Shot at. Impaled. (pause) I was trying to help...but instead got turned...

I saw two men. One with dark blue hair, his right iris red, and left iris blue. He wear some things like a black tophat with a white stripe, a white polo shirt, etc. He was mostly helpful, despite his look, he was quite resourceful, although he showed up at times where he could get killed. Then, another man...what was his name, Ian Conagher? His weapons were useful in battle. Two katanas, cutting and stabbing. Droid knew when to play it safe...however the dark lord was almost impenetrable . I was almost certain we would lose.

Part Two: The Clouds Rain Blood Edit

I woke up, next to so some of my fellow soldiers in battle.