Welcome to the Mizushima Family, each member has their specific Emblem, either it would be like Akira Mizushima's which it makes it turn anything into something the user wants, or Mizuki Mizushima's Emblem which allows the user to control liquids.. Each Member also has their specific solidified liquid blades..

Mizushima Clan Groups:Edit

Each member has their specific group, Either the Exiles, the Forgotten, and the Lived-Longs.

The Exiles:Edit

This group is upheld by the exiled members, each are shown in the Forgotten group, but some are remembered..

Mizushima Mizuki  - She was exiled when her parents were killed, she is currently in the city trying to not remember her deceased parents..

More Are Soon To Be Discovered..

The Forgotten:Edit

This group is for the members who were thought to be dead or missing, this group is exclusive to those who leave the clan for a long while..

Mizushima Akira - Once thought to be dead, but has been spotted countless times in the city, it is now known he used to be a better swordsman than the Lived-Longs..

Mizushima Kyousuke   - The Newest member of the family, although he is still alive.. The Clan has forgotten him, since the incident..

More Are Soon To Be Discovered..

The Live-Longs:Edit

This group is supported by members who shall stay, or not die.. the members were unknown until now, but soon the clan house shall be spotted..

Mizushima Katsuo - Still an overprotective Live-Long, he was one of the Forgotten but he returned to the clan.

More Are Soon To Be Discovered..

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