Colress, The Scientist.
"I disagree."
Vital statistics
Position Team Plasma Scientist
Age Male 25y/o
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 196 cm
Weight Secret

Appearance Edit

He wears a black jumpsuit with blue linings, a white labcoat, white gloves and glasses. His eyes are a golden yellow in colour and his hair is blonde and combed in a backslick with a part of it coloured blue and circling around his head. He's almost never seen without his signature foldable iPad. His labcoat also seems to have a small pocket dimension within them as he have been seen pulling objects larger than his pockets from them.


He is usually calm and collected, silently analyzing everything and everyone around him. When he does speak or is spoken too he tends to speak in an orderly manner, utilizing his extended vocabulary. He goes by the strict policy of "brain over brawn" and uses his smarts to get out of any situation. Should he be unable to outsmart his opponent however he utilizes his experience in hand-to-hand combat, delivering swift kicks and punches to exposed weak points.


He was once a scientist of Team Plasma but left when the organisation was beaten by an incredibly strong trainer. Ever since then he've wandered the world, studying any anomalies that he may encounter. He were captured by the SCP Foundation for a while due to his labcoat containing some sort of pocket dimension. He escaped however during a containment breach and is currently hunted by the MTF so that he may be placed in containment once more.