Crash is an orange mutant bandicoot. Crash used to be a normal bandicoot until he was kidnapped by a mad scientist by the name of Neo Cortex and his colleague,Nitrus Brio, to take over the world. They mutated Crash using a device called the Evolvo Ray, which mutates animals. Cortex and Brio wanted Crash to be the leader of their animal super army, but to do so they needed to use mind control using the Cortex Vortex. The Cortex Vortex didn't work on Crash so he escaped and landed on N.Sanity Island where he met a magical witch doctor mask, Aku Aku, who can protect Crash with mystical powers. Crash also has a sister, a half brother, and a clone.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Crash is an orange bandicoot with spiky hair and several clothing such as Biker gloves, shorts, and sneakers. Crash has an insane personality. He likes to break stuff by CRASHING into them by spinning. He also has a tendency to get himself in trouble but his lack of knowledge helps him in the toughest of times.

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