(BTW Dark's form is a WOLF, not anything else but a wolf)

Purple eye wolf

Darkstorm when he is wolf form

 Relations to Ethan Edit

Ethan's Darktorm was the present Darktorms ancestor.

What? and Who? Edit

Darktorm is a Zodian which is an alien but Humans are aliens too. He is 22 and he is the weakest zodian though. He is as powerful as a 14-year old zodian. But when he sees or experiences a fate worse than death his eyes turn purple and he is more powerful than any zodian. But only on a VERY rare occason and Darkstorm has never been able to ever control it. He can also turn into a wolf and you usually find him in wolf form. When he is in wolf form he takes on wolf personalities and forgets all human traits.

Personality Edit

Darkstorm is an energetic and an arrogant cocky person. Also is deadly serious at times He gets paranoid sometimes and LOVES waffles. He also is a bookworm and likes to write stories.

Jacob? Edit

Jacob is the ORGIN of darktorm and was purely evil. Then Darktorm was born and Jacob was concealed inside of him. Jacob is the most powerful thing in the universes. Sometimes Jacob can possess Darktorm and will take control. He also has a very cruel sense of humor and cant be outsmarted. Everyone has tried but with no success.

Companions: Edit

Mangle: Is Darkstorms love. They are in a relationship and luckily mangle has managed to repair herself and hangs out in kids cove alot.

Scary Is a girl and is a shapeshifter. She usually take the form of a bunny.

Kingfire: AKA king is the king of fire.

Rebun: Is the owner of Murder cliff and is a helper kind of person, he is very resourceful and trust-worthy.

[[1]]: Just your friendly everyday demon. He is the only demon you'll ever see that is good. He is also very trust-worthy and resourceful. He is in a relationship with Dovah.

Dovah: Is a girl and turns evil quite a bit. She loves to have power, and is struggles to gain Darkstorms trust.


Zodians are aliens but humans are too. Zodians are almost the most powerful aliens ever. ALMOST. but can die just as any human can. They can shoots fire snakes, They can Teleport, shoot dark energy balls (it cant kill but hurts A LOT!!!!!!!!) And other powers. Also they are immune to fire. Only a few exist now. Also when they are attacked with a tazer they are powerless for minutes

The first blade (first appeared in supernatural) Edit

The first blade was the weapon cain used agains abel. It can kill anything but without "the mark of cain" it is uselsess. But if you keep killing with it (The blade gives you an urge to kill) You will turn into a demon. Darktorrm keeps this weapon hidden away. No one knows how he got it though


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