Background: Edit

He has no idea, memories of his family are scrambled throughout his thoughts and throughout the world.

Appearance: Edit

Blue Left Eye and Red Right eye, Metalic Blue Hair, Bandages covering his right eye and hands, Black Hoodie, White T-Shirt, Ocean Blue Jeans, and Black Sneakers.

Abilities: Edit

Diamond Manipulation - He can control diamonds to attack his enemies, once he misses, the shards explode shooting more in all directions.

Blood Manipulation - Once he bleeds from a harder to defeat threat, his blood can be controlled by him, giving him more time to regenerate.

Regeneration - even if all of his body parts are on the ground, this ability allows him to control the pain he feels, and to the others he is like a blood fountain, giving his allies healing factors aswell.

Fire Manipulation - Once enraged, blue flames emit from his hands up to the elbow, allowing Flight once he shoots the flames downward in a rocket like position.

Personality Edit

Normal - Very Ticklish, fearless (except for Big Spiders), Idiotic, and pretty much a jelly lover.

Enraged - Really really Grumpy (thas all).

Affiliates Edit

HugeClockTowerFan (Tyler) Brothers from another mother.

TinyBoxTimKira (Tim) Calls him Timmy cuz wai not.

AliceTheNeko (Alice) Coolness from her

Azazel Scapegoat (Damian) Beeest Freend eeveh

Everyone Else (except for Enemies .w.) Close Freeends