Do I Belong Here?

The only reason I'm here is because I stayed.

I stayed for the Pack.

I stayed for everyone I fought for.

Everyone I loved.

It was raining. A phenomenon I always thought fascinating. Funny, I thought everything here fascinating. Mostly because where I come from there isn't "Matter". We're all linked in a telepathical sequence. Saw nothing. Heh, the first time I saw anything I was amazed at what vision was like. Ah, I screamed like a fangirl... the first time I heard sound, hm. I walk down the synthetic gravel path that was burrowed through the forest of giant Birchwood trees, thickening with every step I take. I suddenly realize that I have the ability to fly, but I had spent over 1000 Years here, and I had grown quite accustomed to human ways. I use my existing pool of energy to start my impulse through my feet, and ascend above the trees. And whattya know, one, humungous tree towers above the rest. Zener's tree.

So long since I visited that huge, huge, huge, huge, hu- You get the Idea,- Tree. My Jacket keeps fumbling around in the wind, so I zip it up and start to head off in the direction of the tree. As I fly closer and closer, the shadow that looms from the gigantic tree comes upon me and it covers my body with Darkness, but I don't mind. After all, darkness is my friend. I keep flying until I reach the trunk, and knock, trying to get Zen's attention. But as soon as I put my hand on it, a sort of shock emits from it and I jerk my hand back.

"Ow!" I say. "ZEN! Open up!"

No response.

"Alright Zen, joke's up. It's me, Foxy."

Still nothing. Alright, wanna play like that, eh? I fly down to the bottom of the tree and see a little bump on the trunk, and knock it a few times, revealing a sort of power box/station. I lift the panel on it and it has some reading gouges and switches scattered on the switchboard. Hm... that's weird, the electricity shocks are apparent, but the Sheild isn't. That means...

I switch off the "Disguise" Button, and I see the holographic tree disappear. Little pixels fly into the sky and evaporate. And all that's left is...

A smoking Tree stump.