Chapter One. Field Trip

Everyone is at their class, studying. Foxina is at the sports class, Lily is in math class that was indeed, bored smart to do her work, Prussia is too awesome to study or go in class in Science class, Ian, Naru, Cliff, and Daymo was in a break cause they are in the same class. And the bell rang. and a teacher said on the michrophone 'Attention, attention students!" Every students got shocked, but listened anyways. "Tomorrow we're going to Bird watching in the jungle!" All in their minds, "Yeh!" While...Um Prussia was throwing his arms in the air... "Uhm..Prussia?" Said the red haired guy, Ian. "Yes?" "You could just.. Calm down a little.."

End of chapter one. (I'm sorry if this were short!)

Chapter Two. "Bird Watching."

-Le timeskip to the bus-

Foxina was seating with Lily (Of course, they're both sisters.)

Prussia got the front seat. "Und the awesome me gets the front seat!"

When the bus starts going everyone was quiet, especially Lily, Foxina, Ian, Tyler, Rose and Daymo. Prussia fell asleep, Foxina was listening to music with her earphones, Lily was looking at the window, peacefully enjoying the scene on the window.

A transparent blue and black hair mixed hair color, Tom was drawing. "Nyeh.." He was sitting next to his big brother, the blue haired one, Don, that was playing his 3DS. The others are bored though. After quite a while, they finally arrived to the forest to bird watch, "Great now let's get started..." Foxina thought, grabbing her binoccullars (I can't spell them I'm sorry-)) As everyone grabbed it as well. The teacher said they need a teammate. Lily and Foxina was ALWAYS together, so they both are teammates, same with Don and Tom. The others are; Zener and Rose, Tyler and Ian, Daymo and Prussia. Foxina brang an umbrella, "Just in case if-" "What the kitten do you need a umbrella for?!" Said Don.

Lily and Foxina said at the same time, "Bird poops, and if there's rain....Especially the Bird Rookery..." "Actually, that seems a good idea." Said Tom.

End of chapter two.

Chapter Three. "Meeting new people" (W.I.P)

-time skip to the part when they split up to the forest cause aint nobodeh got tiem for dat-

"We have to go to the bird rookery to do so...Ugh.." Said unamused William "Yep, it's gonna be a real pain.." Said Cliff, sighing.