You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.

It's obvious that He's inside of whoever thought it was a great idea.. To rid the world of pain.. To stop everything.. Just to atleast enjoy themselves... It wasn't long.. It wasn't hard.. It was painful.. It was just.. One Bad Day.. But That could be stopped.. With the right ways... The Right Meaning.. He could leave.. He shouldn't even Exist.

Chapter 1 - You Edit

Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.

Your existence is.. Interesting... You're.. Different from the others.. You're.. Me...

How... Disgusting.. - Part 1 Edit

"Look at him... How disgusting...." A Feminine voice rings out from the darkness. Hiroki couldn't move, Something was keeping him from moving. His eyes were open, though he could only see a bright light. He moves his eyes to see, His Team Mates were caught. They looked.. Disgusted. Pain began to rise up his spinal column, he was being dissected. She screamed at the scientist, begging her to stop, though it was ignored. A electric sound was heard, ringing in his ears. It wasn't electricity, it was a centipede. It went down, onto his stomach, ripping off his flesh. He held in the pain, though he couldn't hold it in for long. Eventually he could move, though the pain only restricted him to sitting up. He stares his dissector straight in the eyes, He couldn't quite make out the color. He looks down on his stomach, it was open. Slowly, his bodilly organs and tissues began coming back. "Is your research complete yet, Naruko?" Another one.. How annoying. 'Naruko' as they called her, moved out of the light, noting that it was done. He walks in after her. "How have you been..? It better be Painful.." He whispers into Hiroki's ears. Hiroki couldn't quite talk, his vocal cords haven't fully regenerated yet. "Hahah.. I almost forgot to remove that from your bloodstream." He continued. He grabs a needle from the torture table. And began removing some of Hiroki's blood. Quickly, Hiroki regenrated his organs. "Ngh... W-What do you want... Tim?" He asks, still paralyzed by the pain. "Just like what everyone wants.. You.. Dead." Tim monotonely responds.. How.. Disgusting...

You're.. Gross.. - Part 2 Edit