Fizzle is a cat pinata, and like Teashi, she was abused by humans in the past.

Fizzle's current appearance

Appearance and Personality Edit

Appearance - A purple cat pinata with darker purple on her right ear, left front paw, right hind paw, and on the tip of her tail. She also has a pink spot around her right eye (her eye is green), and pink on her left ear, right front paw, and left hind paw. Fizzle has a medium sized hole on her right side, some holes on her tail that go all the way through her tail, with some of her tail missing, a scratch on her cheek and her left eye is missing, there is only a stitch there.

Personality - Hyper, bouncy, swift, and easily distracted. She is sometimes very vicious and brave when it comes to her friends and other pinatas.

Bio Edit

Fizzle was a pinata that was going to be used at a party. But she knew what awaited her, and ran before she got hung up. She was hit a couple of times, losing her left eye, then she escaped, grabbing a first aid kit and a needle and thread just as she went out the door. When she was far enough away from the humans, she stopped and looked at her supplies. Fizzle had read a book on how to sew before she was taken to the party, and managed to stitch up where her left eye had been, also sewing on a small piece of purple paper she had so she appeared to just have a stitch instead of a big gaping hole. For a few hours she read the manual in the first aid book, teaching herself some first aid. She continued walking until she came across Pinata Awareness, where she is protected to this day. Fizzle occasionally fixes up Teashi if her limbs come apart, as she learned first aid. (Pinata Awareness is a deviantArt group :3) (This character belongs to Zoruachocofox, do not steal!)

Other Random Facts Edit

  • Fizzle's best friends are Teashi, Kody, Daytran, CandyBang, Niji, Funy, Pin-Pin, Plaster, and Ping Pong.
  • Her missing eye makes it hard for her to see things on that side.
  • Loves to help pinatas escape parties, it's pretty much her job. :3

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