This page is about a Unique version of Foxy and how he is Connected to the Wolf Pack.

Foxy In His Normal Form.

In the year 1976 an assembly line was created for the new "Robotic Endoskeleton" to be mass-produced for various reasons. Fazbear Incorporated bought numerous Endoskeletons to create what to be the Animatronics of the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. 

Unlike the other Animatronics, Foxy had TWO models created, as his body and prop was too fragile and usually malfunctioned, so the company created a backup model. They were switched many times, but eventually switched premanently to Unique Foxy, but while the other Foxy was in Show Biz, the Unique Foxy escaped and discovered the Wolf Pack.

Foxy's spirit is not what you think. Unlike his friends who were murdered, Foxy was PURPOSELY murdered to gain ability of the Fox Animatronic. His spirit is not from this universe, let alone this MULTIVERSE, and the Fox Animatronic was the only way to stay safe out of hiding. Until he joined the Wolf Pack.


Foxy has a numerous number of abilities. Apart from agility and having a hook, Foxy had a Cutlass at one point. He used this in dire situations where the worst of the worst happened.

During latter events, Foxy developed a Phantom mode where he translates to a Hallucination. This can be useful when he is damaged.

Foxy has the Ability to turn into Human form, due to him being stuffed inside the Foxy suit.  He uses this form often. In this form he is able to Teleport and has increased strength. He is able to teleport people out of the Universe and the Multiverse and in between. In his own Universe, he is the Admiral of the Constitution of Federal Space.

Phantom Foxy in Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Foxy In His Phantom Mode.


Foxy developed a close friendship with the Leader of the Pack, Zener and fought by her side in many situations. He has also befriended many other members of the Wolf Pack. He has got many friends like Jane, BEN, Viktor and Tyler.


During his normal form he is very similar to the Canon Foxy, except his cuts and wounds are healed. When aggravated his eyes turn black with Pin-pricked white dots in the middle.

In Phantom Mode Foxy's appearance is identical to the Canon Foxy from FNAF 3, except his limbs are in place and a dark smoke releases from his eyes. 

During his human form, he has Fair skin, short tuffled red hair and Fox ears and a Tail. When aggravated his eyes turn pitch black and his Mouth streams black mist.