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Close up of Scouter's face.

''Who's the tough guy now?'' -Scouter

Appereance Edit

Ian, mostly known as Scouter,is an olive 29 year old with blue eyes that normally wears an MTF suit and helmet.

Backstory Edit

When he was a kid, Ian had some of the most nerdy friends of school,but he didn't care. Life was perfect, until bullies arrived at school. The days of playing in the yard turned into a hide and seek of punches, until Scouter got tired of that and somehow, he got in-human strength and defeated the bullies, which lead him to all the boys and girls admiration.Some years later,he got a job for being a MTF (Mobile Task Forces) for the SCP foundation and he accepted.Later,he got fired for talking with test subjects instead of guarding them.As a revenge for that,Scouter stole all the SCP's from the foundation,he claims to hide them on his closet.



Relationships Edit

He has a good relationship with Zener as a good friend. Gaming Foxy is his pet fox, Docter Quillo as a best friend and leader of his team and etc.

Random Facts Edit

-Scouter hates when someone confronts him or any of his friends, if you mess with him or his friends, he will rip you in half with his bare hands. -Scouter's favorite drink is vodka -Scouter is a very friendly person and won't have a problem helping people.