Jane The Killer

Who is Jane The Killer Edit

Jane is a 17 year old teenager with a grudge against Jeff.

Jeff kills everyone in sight and who he gets in contact with,

Jane however kills only her enemies in a brutal sick twisted way.

Jane used to live close to Jeff.

She saw everything that happend.

From Jeff violently Killing the bullies to protect his brother, To jeff slowly going insane and tearing people´s lives apart.

Jane: - He took everything from me, My family My house, My Life... Now i will return the favor and TAKE everything from that monster -

A Rival killer has appeared.. Edit

Nina The Killer

This is Jane´s Rival.


Nina is in a close relationship with Jeff.

Jane hates her.

Nina hates Jane as well.

Jane used to be friends with Nina before hell broke loose.

Nina has exactly the same ability as Jane.

That is not being able to feel certain types of pain.

Nina and Jeff formed a team to Kill Jane.

Who is Jeff Edit

Jeff the killer

This is Jeff after he went insane.

Jeff also hates Jane

Jeff sees Jane as an arch enemy.

They once called each other friends.

Now they hate each other.

Jeff mostly appears at night, trying to find victims to kill in their sleep, If Jeff finds someone sleeping, he wakes the person up and begins carving a huge smile on the victims face with a Butcher knife. then he screams GO TO SLEEP and begins violently stabbing/cutting/mangle the body of his victim.