Random Pieces Of Mistirar

Mistirar has a shadow sword called Flinencer, she has another Guardian Dark sword called, Galoomif. She keeps Flinencer on her back and Galoomif at her side. Mistirar has a boyfriend and has had other boyfriends in the past, she has a lil bit of a tempore so bewary.


Misty's appearance is shocking to some at times, she wears a black and grey cloak with red collar and pockets, she wears blood red lipstick and red eye shadow, she also has a broken heart on her left cheek, under her cloak she wears a dress with red and black, in the Center piece wear her elemental sign is, is a red broken heart with a black tear drop shape in the right and embossdd black surrounding, that goes along the outside of the heart yet still shows the 3 quarters in side.



Misty has had twins, Persefene and Baymax, the twins are speacial and have elemental powers andweree named after gods.

More Facts

Misty does kill, she doesn't hassitate to do so