"I thought you said I was a real being."

"I say a lot of things, Nanoa." 

Nanoa is a genderless artificial intelligence program who was created and given a body by Fire. It is a "dumb-level" A.I. since it possesses little intellect as it was just created, but has the capacity to learn.

Nanoa's appearance and name was inspired by an old video game character from Fire's childhood.


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Nanoa is a rather shy and quiet individual. It's very uneasy when around new people, since it would know little to nothing about them. Despite this, Nanoa is eager to learn about people.

Nanoa is extremely loyal to Fire, since Fire created it.

When upset, Nanoa stays quiet and diverts his eyes to the ground, refusing to make eye contact.


Nanoa's robotic body takes the form of an anthropomorphic siamese cat. Its clothing is scrounged up and ripped since they were what was available for it at the time.

He's short.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Nanoa is a technopath, able to control technology at will. It also has the ability to levitate but cannot soar at fast speeds.

Nanoa can also phase through solid objects and use light-bending energy to create the illusion of invisibility.

Nanoa is short and incredibly light, being able to store itself into small spaces. It is also, however, incredibly fragile and is treated as if it were a puppy.

Relationships with othersEdit

Fire - Nanoa is thankful that Fire created it. Therefore it refuses to leave his side and acts as a younger sibling to him. Nanoa believes that Fire has "infinite wisdom", thus looks up to him as a force beyond.


Nanoa is ticklish, yet doesn't understand the meaning.

- Nanoa is known for being able to speak incredibly fast without studdering at times, which Fire finds to be entertaining at times.