Pieces Of Nikki Edit

Nikki, is a member of The Alpha Wolf Pack (( Zener's Pack )), her Favourite colours are Blue and Purple, Favourite Food,is usually bacon and eggs. She ihas an older sister, BlueBell and cares about her more than anyone.

Nikki's Appearance Edit

Echonina is a halfblood, she is part Dragon and Bat (( Batgon )), she has hair like Zener with streaks of purple and blue either Side of her hair, her eye colour is, she usually is in an onies, a shirt and shorts connected together, with a star in the middle, her ears are different shaped to Zener's and Happy's ears, and her tail is a dragon tail with beautiful scales and spines that she can fire at will! She also has a scar on her wing that was caused from her past.

Nikki's History Edit

Nikki, was found traped in one of the woods caves an old mine with her older sister BlueBell, Z and her pack toke them in and a few others in, such as Z and her sister Ashleigh, Nikki usually hangs with The G's much like in the past, she was shivering and scared to death by these big eared and flufry tailed halfbloods. Her wing was stretched and what looked to be some sort of wire it still appears on her wing now.

Nikki's Moods Edit

She can be rather argumentative at times, especially with Zener,when she's in a good mood she'll be nice and caring, if you make her better watch out.

Nikki's NaviCon Edit

Nikki's NaviCon is on her ankle, it being in a bat shaped band wrapped around her ankle (( Kind of like the batman signal for say )). it's special ability for Nikki is a grey mist she can control and wrap around her body protecting her from heat, cold, radiation and such.