Raine's normal look.

History Edit

Raine is a Half-God, Half-New God, and Half-Asgardian. He did not know about his history until later in his life where his powers matured and he would have the will-power to control them. He now tries to fit on Midrealm (Earth) peacefully without causing any problems.

Early Life Edit

Raine is a hybrid composition of the God of Lightning and Rain, The All-Mighty Dark Lord, and The God of Tricks as a peace offering between them. He was raised like a normal baby however, and was treated like one. His rather neutral-chaotic behaviour was rather strange for his kind, as all were mostly all-good. In battles and wars, he'd take neither side, and rather weaken both sides down and take the win for himself then help one. The gods noticed this, and were proud of their "son". However, the Gods sent him to Midrealm (Earth) to test him in non-god environment. He grew up by himself for most of the time, being instructed by his Mother Box on how to calm his Berserker Rage and how to restrict his purely evil form.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Superhuman Strength: Being a hybrid god, this should be obvious. His strength feats can go anywhere from picking up a skyscraper to busting a building with his bare hands. His restriction is strictly 1000 tons; his berserker rage can expand his restriction, however, his restriction starts to go down once his berserker rage stops. His striking power is immense, able to kill normal humans and low-level superhumans with almost one hit. He always holds back when he's facing somebody less powerful then him. In his berserker rage, he doesn't hold back, however, making him dangerous.

Superhuman Durability: This should be obvious. He can get impaled in the head, electrocuted, set on fire, and have a building thrown on him. His durability is so vast and immense that he can withstand the soul cannon without getting hurt visibly , although that also might be his Mother Box helping him. He seems to be almost immune to fire, electrocution, drowining and sonic waves. He is very vulnerable to one substance. Radion. Most of his kind can only take three shots from a Radion pistol, and a couple of stabs from a Radion sword.

Superhuman Stamina: His stamina is nearly undepletable; He could do the Olypmics five time in a row without getting tired, and could run indefinitely until he'd want to stop.

Weaknesses Edit

Pacifist: Although this isn't a weakness as much, he'll hesitate to fight. He uses his superstrength to save people, not fight!

Radion: Radion is something that can kill him quite easily.