".... Put that tape recorder away from me!!!" - Rigel, Rejecting the quote opportunity..

Personality Edit

Her shy activity, added with her deadly rages, she can truly pack an almighty punch.. She merely responds to anything people say to her, even if it's important.. Though she can be nice to her brothers, probably... She usually hangs around colder areas, the ocean if necessary..

Appearance Edit


Her Darkish Blue eyes shine brightly when at night.. Her Blue Hair gets darker as the coloring slowly dissolves since she hangs around near water almost everytime.. Her pale skin is as hot as her star oracle, 4,000 Kelvin (6740.33 Farenheit) is her body heat.. She wears a white blouse, though her clothes don't give off cold, it just covers her, the arms only cover down the armpit to the elbow.. She also has a white skirt to hide her legs.. She only goes around bare footed, like her siblings..

Abilities Edit

Super Heated Skin - Her skin is the hottest of her 20 siblings, once she gets out of a cold area, she instantly gives off something UY Scuti calls "Kronolight" which can triple her heat to 12,000 Kelvin (21140.33 Farenheit).

Kronolight - UY Scuti was the first to experience the immense heat radiating out of Rigel when she leaves the north and south poles, though her 4,000 Kelvin heat when in the cold cannot vaporize the waters, because UY Scuti implanted an unbreakable bubble around her, once he takes the bubble away, she slowly but quickly gives off Kronolight