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So, this is for my random funny thing I find, most of them are songs i edited for my friends!

Songs Edit


Eleka nahmen nahmen,Ah tum ah tum eleka nahmen,Eleka nahmen nahmen,Ah tum ah tum eleka nahmen,Let his flesh not be torn,Let his blood leave no stain,Though they beat him,Let him feel no pain,Let his bones never break,And however they try,To destroy him,Let him never die,Let him never die...,Eleka nahmen nahmen,Ah tum ah tum eleka nahmen Eleka nahmen nahmen,Ah tum ah tum eleka, eleka...,Ugh! What good is this chanting?,I don't even know what I'm reading!,I don't even know which trick I ought to try,foxy, where are you?,Already dead or dying?,One more disaster I can add to my,Generous supply!,No good deed goes unpunished,No act of charity goes unresented,No good deed goes unpunished,That's my new creed,My road of good intentions,Led where such roads always lead,No good deed,Goes unpunished!,foxina...,Doctor Quillo...,foxy...,foxy!!,One question haunts and hurts,Too much, too much to mention,Was I really seeking good,Or just seeking attention?,Is that all good deeds are When looked at with an ice-cold eye?,If that's all good deeds are Maybe that's the reason why!...,No good deed goes unpunished,All helpful urges should be circumvented,No good deed goes unpunished,Sure, I meant well -Well, look at what well-meant did:All right, enough - so be it,So be it, then...,Let all Freddy's pizzeria be agreed,I'm wicked through and through,Since I can not succeed,foxy, saving you,I promise no good deed,Will I attempt to do again,Ever again,No good deed,Will I do again!!!For When Foxy Fazebear Leaves the Chat

My Ships Edit

Foxy X Roxy = Froxy

Rage X Roxy = Raxy

Other Edit

IMG 0825

Photo i took While i was in Paris


Me, (anna) hugging Zener (Elsa)

IMG 0331

My Autograph from melissa joan hart

IMG 0339

The photo i took of Melissa Joan Hart