Teashi is a dog pinata that was abused by humans in the past.

(Before you ask (if you we're gonna ask :P), yes, I (Zoruachocofox) did draw Teashi's picture. I used a base to make it though. OwO)

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Teashi's current appearance

Appearance and Personality Edit

Appearance - A dog pinata with all sorts of mismatched limbs, and tape bonding her legs, head, and tail to her body. She has rose pink eyes and is missing most of her front right leg. Also has a few torn open places on her body

Personality - Usually very happy and nice to other pinatas, however she is scared of most humans.

Bio Edit

Teashi was abused so much that she lost pretty much all of her limbs. Seeing the limbs of other pinatas who had fallen or lost their limbs running away, she replaced her limbs with them. She was battered a bit more before she finally escaped, losing one of her paws and got areas of her torn up. After her escape and horrible experience with the humans, she was scared of humans for life. She is currently safe in Pinata Awareness. (Which is also a deviantArt group.) (This character belongs to Zoruachocofox, do not steal!)

Other Random Facts Edit

  • Teashi's best friends are Fizzle, Kody, Daytran, CandyBang, Niji, Funy, Pin-Pin, Plaster, and Ping Pong.
  • Despite her missing a leg, she has good speed.
  • Loves to help pinatas escape parties, it's pretty much her job. :3