[note, this fanfic includes death, and some disgusting stuff.]

Prologue Edit

"" Avv said despairingly, he was already dazed and confused from the trial, and now he's standing in this gray, open field with concrete walls? Hm...

Suddenly, Tim appeared behind Avv, and Jane and Naru popped up besides him. Jane sliced Avv's throat open, almost decapitating him. Avv tried to scream, but it was no use. He tried to put his hands up to his throat to cover up the blood, but Naru used her tail to stab through Avv's chest and retrieve his heart, then throw it on the ground and stomping on it. If that wasn't enough, Jane and Naru grabbed Avv and flew up high, then Tim uppercutted through Avv's body, and grabbed his head. The trio flew down. Tim held Avv's head up high as if it was an award, and seemingly ignored the blood dripping from Avv's mouth. Jane and Naru did the same with his bisected body.

"This execution was necessary for the safety of the citizens," Tim said to a news-reporter.

Year One Edit

Foxina is absolutely devasted with the death of Avv. She had to do something about it...she liked Naru, they're sisters of course...but what she did was wrong, she thought.

Foxina called up Kaine, to tell him the bad news.

'Hey, what's up?'

'Hey saw the news, right?'

'Huh? Somethin' bad happened?'

'Y-yea...the death of Avv.'

'Oh...oh. I have some friends who could try and revive him, in fact, I'll get his remains right now!'

Kaine immediately hung up as he ran towards the crime scene. They disposed Avv's body into a trash can, a decorative trash can at that. It had 'royal' red capes at the side, and the lid was diamond-encrusted. He opened it, and saw Avv's decaying body. His head wasn't there though...they must've ate it.

'Ew, what the hell?'

He reluctantly carried the sides to his private lab. He put the sides into a regenerative healing egg, and pressed a button for '6 months.'

'All I need to do now is wait a Year, and hopefully he'll be fine-'

Kaine was cut off, as Naru appeared behind him, and impaled him with her tail, hoisting him up in the air. Naru put her hands on Kaine's shoulders, and pushed until Kaine was bisected horizontally. The last thing he saw before going comatose was Naru's majestic red dress, and her blood-splattered tail as she teleported away.