Chapter oneEdit

Maximillion Loyal,Seventeen year old that successfully created  an  Artificial intelligence.This is his life story,Let's start at the beginning.

Maximillion Loyal was born,2009 August 22th,12lbs 10oz 22inches,He is the first born of Conner Loyal and Tracy Loyal,maiden name Tracy Lovequin.His zodiac sign is Leo.At an early age  Max shows a high level of intelligence and is placed into the gifted class.He quickly becomes the head of the class,he also in his free time takes robotics and programming class,soon Max gruaduates with straight A’s and an I.Q of 184,his only down fall is that he does not show his intelligence around People,he tends to keep his intelligence to himself.he is currently seventeen years old and living alone,no other living family.This is where we shall begin this story at.

Max sighs and types some more lines of code into his computer,the computer he custom built,it has 23 gb of ram and 532.tb of memory,it took him five years to finish building it,the code he is currently writing will hopefully finish the A.I program,allowing it  to think and  make choices for itself,and also for it to have its own emotions,right now he is currently writing the code for the emotion shyness.He finish typing the ending lines of code and clicks enter.Max clicks the enter button on his keyboard then runs the startup program.His computer beeps three times then powers off and powers back up and a loading bar appears on the screen and a percentage number appears under the loading bar.

“This is going to take forever.”Max sighs again and stands up from his computer desk,he stretches and yawns,”I guess i could work on the body but I can't really work on the frame,until I know what gender the A.I chooses,if it even works.He thinks to himself.

Max walks to the workbench that sits in the corner of his room,he sits down and starts building a exoseclington  for the robot,he slides  welding mask on and grabs a small welder and starts welding parts together.MAx slides the mask off and moves over to a different spot on his work bench,he starts messing with some wires and afew motors for the torso,arms,legs,and spine,etc.he works the rest of the night,he falls asleep,he wakes up to his computer beeping.

“Done already?”He thinks to himself and looks at his watch,he started  the program at 11:23 PM,now its 5:45 am.

Max stands up and walks over to his computer he types in the password  to start the A.I,hopefully,Max closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and clicks the enter button.The computer beeps three times.Max holds his breath,the computer beeps once  more and the computer screen turns…..

Chapter twoEdit

(Coming Soon)