Name: Mangle                                                                          

Species: Animatronic Fox

Gender: Female

Occupation: Killing the Night Guard.

Mangle's life:

Mangle is a Dangerous animatronic.

It may be the case that she also caused

The Bite Of '87.

Her jaw and teeth are more

dangerous looking then compared to Foxy.

Mangle has a lot of friends Named: Zener,Ben,Happy The Bunny, PumpkinGirl,

FoxyFazbear, Foxy 2.1, Foxy the Pirate 1, to be honest, everyone is her friend.

She also has someone she loves, His name is Tyler (HugeClockTowerFan)

Mangle's Back Story:

Mangle Was originally created to be an upgraded female version of foxy.

She was meant to "Explore the Kids Cove" instead of Pirate Cove.

Mangle also was created due the fact that Foxy was malfunctionating.

One day, Children started breaking mangle, so she became a Build and Play attraction.

The staff didn't want to repair her again and again.

Where is The Mangle Located?:

Mangle is Located in the Kids Cove.

Kids cove


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