"Let there be light!" God said, 'creating' the universe as we know it.. But, that's in the book, What about something that nobody expected? That God never exists, That there was something different.. That He still lives. Something, more powerful than the human mind..

Gen Nes Sis Edit

The largest book in the Non-religious Bible, it tells of whom created what we see now, and what happened in the old days.

Chapter 1 - Born Edit

"............" Silence, It was all he hears.

"......... What about.. Something..? Rather than nothing?" He asks the void.

"Very well.." He hinted, with little to no effort at all, with the help of Matter and Anti-Matter, The Universe exploded into existence.

Many atoms form, many break, and some collect.

The Universe was born.. The Big Bang has begun.

"Satisfied?" He says to his creation.

In those few words, Gases and Particles start colecting, creating the First Generation stars.

Eventually Galaxies form.. And The Universe was complete.. Almost.

He wanted more things than light.. The Universe needed Darkness.

And he created Planets, ones that cannot emit their own light.

With the planets and stars formed, The Universe is still.

He creates Dark Matter, Expanding the Universe without end.

He is satisfied, "Soon.."

Chapter 2 - Formed Edit

He stares blankly into his creation.

"How long are you going to take?" He asks with impatience

"Is Life that hard to create..?" He asks once more..

He draws a figure, his fingers move through the space that life was going to form in.

He creates a Guardian, "Lucifer, welcome to HE V3AN." He spoke to it

The Second God, Lucifer. Was made.

He had an entire half of the Universe in his disposal.

But he wanted more.

He walks up to his creator.

"I want this universe all to myself." He selfishly states.

With those words, He was given his own universe.

He was to stay there, Only to leave as the representative of his Universe.

He calls it, "H311"

Chapter 3 - The Rise of The Multiverse Edit