Note: This is a page "version" of the original blog post. It's not exact, but the general concept is the same.

The Omega Complex is an expansive storyline created by, well who else would be making this page? Exactly, it's still Alice.


The Omega Complex is about Zoey, a young ordinary teen..kinda... See, her dad is a member of a police unit, tasked with uncovering "odd pieces of tech". One day, when Zoey's dad goes missing while investigating the ancient crash site of a mysterious aircraft, Zoey starts a search to find him, and stumbles upon the site by pure coincidence. After exploring for what seems to be an hour, she finds an object, sitting in a jail cell. This is the Amulet of Displacement, an artifact with the power to transport its user thoughout time. But now, Zoey has a mission, she has to search through time for her father..but the truth of his disappearance might hurt more than the pain of him being gone.


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