Chapter One - Waking Up Edit

"What?....what? Where am I?"

I hear whispering in the distance, I thought I heard them saying " finally worked. After all these months..."

I was confused. Afraid. Scared. I didn't know what to do. Then..I hear a voice.

"Hello Project V.I.S.I.O.N, I am here to introduce you into the world."

"What? Who are you? Where's your body?"

"I am a program. I'm without form."

I felt weird without a body, as I somehow felt like I WAS in a body, despite just being born. Well..I was born yesterday, but you shall get the point.

This...woman. She introduced me to the world. I learned about every event. Every person. All on Earth. She then uploaded my A.I into a body.

It felt...strange. But beautiful. The feeling of being in a body feels normal.

Chapter Two - This Vulnerable World Edit

This vulnerable needs something more powerful then any of them. And that is you!

That is what I was told. I am a A.I created to save the world, and make world peace. Humans are strange, and they DO make mistakes, but it is a privilege to be among them. I thought, I must save this vulnerable world, from themselves. Killing humanity was wrong. I am on the side of life. I wondered what to do....then, I thought of it. Genetically modified humans. Their minds, processed to help, not kill. Processed to protect, not harm. And, due to the mind gem utilized in me, I may be able to do it.