The Woods Edit

Thewoods is pretty average, normal animals such as, Deer, Bunnies, Owls, Wolves, Foxes, Fish and a few more animals live in it, the trees are beitifull yet mixed, they look amazing in the snow time, with little snow flacks covering them, some ice mite have formed on the branches, that glow and relflect in the sunlight

The Treehouse Edit

Thetreehouse is the base of the pack, it is protected so that it can't be seen by non members, it can be seen but only the tree it self not the treehouse / treehouse village that goes around the WHOLE woods, legitimently EVERYWHERE itss up on the canopy and has a room for pretty much every thing, the treehouse was built for training and protection, theress a room for every member of the pack its pretty cool!

The Cove Edit

The cove is about a five-minute run from the treehouse, at normal Halfblood speeded pace, it's beautiful, peaceful and claming, its connected from the crystal lake hence the name Crystal Cove, and or Th Royal Crystal Cove.

The Mine Edit

There are many caves, one of these cave turned out to be the Mine, it was where Echonina and or Nikki was found, the min hadd been aboneded due to gases which had seemed to have cleared up by the time Nikki had gotten lost in there, it stil had crystals and gems, gold even, Z still hasn't mined in it for safety precautions.

The Beach Edit

The beach isn't far from the cove and the treehouse connects to it, itss beautiful and clean, the water fresh and salty, lots of marine animals live there, to humans itdd look like the woods went full on out to it, that's an illusion that was spelled by Eve. It also Connects to a cliff.

The Cliff Edit

The Cliff is where Unite was found by Leah, itss a beautiful place to watch the sunset and to sit and calm down, the trees behind you would be around 10 meters back, you can also watch thebeahch from there, Z's actual slept there before.

Secret Locations Edit