Narus pov Edit

i was running through the woods the light bouncing off of me as I heard the angry shouts of the town's people echoing in my ears. Feeling my legs start to give out i let out scream of agony looking behind me I saw the pitchforks of the town's people growing closer by the second I started to run more feeling every muscle in my body start to give out " please someone" I pleaded in my head hoping someone would save me from this misery not looking where i was going i ran into something falling down i looked up to see a boy with white hair and red eyes he smiled at me and quickly turned around and ran off. getting up quickly I turned around to see the town behind me by a few feet keeping myself down because they had seemed to be confused where they were going because of the sudden sound of silence that was shown there angry screams at each other caused me to laugh silently to myself crawling slowly and silently I followed the boy making sure to keep him in my sight the air seemed to thin with every movement i made because it could easily be my last. As i watched the boy he had made a quick turn around the corner i quickened my pace looking behind me the Town's people not being in sight I quickly stood up panting with exhaustion I ran beside the boy and gave him a small smile he just up a finger up to his lips signaling for me to stay quiet as we walked slowly i started to see the outline of a small cabin it looked fairly nice there was a small garden and a tarp over the perfect roof to block sunlight from entering the building. I looked at him with confusion as he opened the door and pushed me in " hello" I spoke in almost a whisper the boy smiled at me " hey " he said before we were interrupted by a bang on the door " let us in we know you have her. his face made a look of terror before he pointed to a book case and mouthed for me to move it which i quickly did so my inhuman strength kicking in at that moment. noticing that there was a door i opened it and quickly hit inside the bookcase moving back on its own which struck a moment of confusion shaking the thought off quickly