Triple Z, triple Z is made up of three peoples names that starts with "Z" like Zener or Zero or even Zorua....those totally arentt the people in triple Z...:3 i think their names would be.. Dosh, Dlop and Daffle, I dunno...Oh it actually is Zener, Zero and Zorua?! DAMMIT!

Triple Z's Story Edit

Triple Z started today, well the name "Z" came from Zener when a newbie to the F~N~@~F wiki joined the office, she said her usual "Hai G" and yeah, the next day Zero came back on and they became friends, Zener hates having to type long names so she said "Zero, do you mind if we call each other Z?!" Or something like that, a few more days later Zorua joined chat Zener said hello and they became friends and called each other "Z" one day on chatzy Zorau and Zero were online at the same time also whiles Zener was there (( ALWAYS WATCHES )). And Zener Introduced them so they became a group, THE END

Random Facts About Zener Edit

Random Facts About Zero Edit

Random Facts About Zorua Edit

  • Zorua is also known as Zoruachocofox, and many other identities (Pantry Kitteh and Sky the Animatronic Dog for example).
  • She has waffle powers. Mess with her or friends, and you get the waffle of doom! (Great, now I'm going to sing the doom song. Doom doom doom doom doom...).
  • Accepts all hugs, glomps, and friends. :3 Waffles and other yummy stuff too.
  • Mentioning Invader Zim/making references from it and stuff like that in front of her will give you instant hugs and kudos from her.
  • That goes for Fairy Tail and other things she loves too.
  • Zorua says "aye" instead of "yes", and "uppa" instead of "yay".
  • Zorua has a big appetite and a heck of an eating habit.