"It'll be awhile til' we see each other again, you know that right...? I'll miss you." 


Tristan is a female animatronic tiger who occupied the Prize Corner and handed out prizes to children. She is one of the two prototype animatronics who were designed to entertain younger children (the other being Fire) thus she had a more kid-friendly appearance compared to the other animatronics. Just like Fire, she was murdered during Fire's little brother's birthday party and was stuffed into a suit.

Tristan was really close to Fire, as he visited her after hours in the Prize Corner. The two cared for each other greatly and would even entertain children together on occasion. However, when the pizzeria closed down, Fire and Tristan were separated.


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Tristan is a kind and caring animatronic. She gladly hands out prizes to the children who earned them and cheered up those who didn't. In addition to her warm personality she would sometimes pick up a child while singing to them. She was the true meaning of caring.

Although Tristan is polite, she can some times be assertive. She likes it when something planned out goes exactly how it is supposed to, and becomes angry when otherwise.

Relationships with othersEdit

Freddy Fazbear - Tristan got along quite well with Freddy to the point where she looks up to him.

Bonnie - Bonnie and Tristan share mutual respect for each other.

Chica - Chica and Tristan are quite good friends. They usually hang out together after hours.

Foxy - Tristan finds Foxy to be a bit creepy, as he is in a major state of disrepair and is usually out of sight.

The Toy Animatronics - Tristan enjoys having the Toy Animatronics around, thinking of them as "New friends." She is, however, upset that one of them replaced Fire.

Balloon Boy - Tristan is shown to be caring towards Balloon boy, thinking of him as "a child who doesn't get much recognition."

The Puppet - Due to the fact that the Puppet and Tristan share the same room, (The Prize Corner) they got along quite well and cares greatly for each other's well-being.

Fire - Tristan and Fire show affection for each other from time to time, but never confirmed that they are together. While Tristan loves Fire, she's mature enough to put her job first.

Fun FactsEdit

Tristan knows that Fire has a crush on her, and she shares the same feelings for him but she puts her job first.

Fire affectionately refers to her as "Tristy".

Her personal favorite prize in the Prize Corner is the Chica plushie, which she finds to be "Dangerously adorable."