"Some stars die, and we can be born from their radiating solar energy, either we be born, or yet another star.." - UY Scuti, Info About Stars 'n Shit

UY Scuti
UY Scuti
"Fuck off will ya..?"
Vital statistics
Position Oldest Star
Age 983,922,809 Years
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 7'8"
Weight 90000 Pounds (Not fat At All)

Personality Edit

He is a very loud, and very quiet person.. Not everyone can figure out what his deal is.. He can never stop perfecting shit, his perfectionistic ideal is quite annoying from time to time.

Appearance Edit

His crimson hair glows prominently to the sun's rays, so they twinkle like the actual star when dust particles go through the air at night.. His eyes have no definite color, they both have different pigments, one eye has a red iris, the other has a yellow iris.. His pale yet lightly red skin is so hot, that it could melt the toughest of objects.. His Red Scarf, Brownish Jacket, and Tree Bark colored pants keep his body heat regulated, and cold.. Cold as the human body temperature... He walks around barefooted like his brother..

Abilities Edit

Super Human Prowess - His intelect has the vast network of the entire universe inside of it's sustained nuclear core, He can run as fast as light can, or even faster.. His hands can carry 500 metric tons, each..

Body Heat - Once he takes either one of his clothes off all cooling systems shut down, he turns into a literal star, destroying every thing in his path... Though he does this rarely..