Pieces Of Unite Edit

Unite is a member of Zener's Pack (( The Alpha Wolf Pack )) and she calls herself crazy at times, she loves T or D (( Truth or Dare )) and likes to spy and or make Zener do things, she also has a special hug for only Zener....

Unite's Appearance Edit

Unite has wavy hair, her hair colour is chestnut with pink highlights throughout it, blue eyes, she is a dragolf, a Dragon crossed with a Wolf, So her eyes a cat cut like a dragon or lizards, she wears a leopard print top with a black jacket over the top and has a pink and purple fur collar. My pants are tights galaxy print with planets, With knee high boots with Aqua buckles.

Unite's History Edit

Unite was one to be found by Z's pack, she was brought in and is now almost a sister to Z, well they call each other sisters, she was found at Th Cliff and was rescured by Leah, one of the pack membess she cariedd her back up and toke care of her, Wings weren't strong enough to fly yet so don't ask.

Unite's Relationships Edit

Zener: Sister like Relationship, Z trusts her and she trust Z. They love hanging together and gaming together as well, they also like making Fan Ficss together.