Attitude Edit

Vale is-unsurprisingly-the leader of her army, a demon with the soul imprint of a Succubus, she is experienced in taking down enemies in a multitude of ways.

Vale bonds with very few people-however tricks many into believing they are one of these select few, then using her abilities to control, and conquer.

Since she was created, Vale has been relatively obsessed with eliminating her sister, Rox. Her reasons for this aren't hidden but only by asking her can the full truth be shown.

Appearance Edit

Vale usually wears a leather outfit with two thin slits at the back-which allow her bat-like wings to emerge. Her main weapons are turning the ends of her fingers into sharp claws along with a whole arsenal of magic, she also has the ability to transform her entire right arm into a long spike-like blade.

Vale's wings are under her complete control, they can deflect most projectiles and are made up of some unknown powerful biological material, she is able to wrap them around herself, taking the appearance of a dress, the wings have a special effect when doing this that can hide any features of her form underneath.

Relationships Edit

Despite Vale's overly jokey attitude and usually deceptive features, she has managed to develop a relationship with a wraith known as Gail - this being one of the few people, if not only, person she shows true feelings for.

Army Edit

The Shadow Queen:

A succubi dark queen with an unreal amount of power, able to regenerate as a soul after death. She has a massive amount of dark magic energy and rarely rivalled agility in battle-as well as being surprisingly good at stealth attacks.

Succubi Lamentors:

Many Succubi have joined under the forces of The Shadow Queen. An elitist special ops group-tasked with specific assassination tasks, these small groups are enemies to be rivalled with.