Zoey Isabelle Handrils is the main character of The Omega Complex, and the current user of the Amulet of Displacement.


Zoey is a complicated case, never really showing one constant personality. At times she's headstrong, willing to charge into a situation, without considering all possible factors, and at other times she's the complete opposite.


On a basic level, Zoey is able to travel through time, albeit on a somewhat restricted level, due to her possession of the Amulet. She cannot travel to fixed points in time, as their events anchor the entire timestream. However, every change she makes to the past affects the future, even if its a slight, minor change. So she has to be cautious while time-traveling, if she wishes to return home safely. Applying this with her personality is an almost sure-case for disaster.



Bruce Hehasaname

Bruce is a somewhat-recent friend Zoey made, while on a small hiking expedition with her father, the pair bonded and hung out in a cave...yeah, caves! Also, she likes to make fun of his name. Who wouldn't? But hey, at least..He has a name.​​

Eric Handrils

Zoey doesn't consider her father an "ally", more a nuisance. His apparent irregularities in caring about her, and his overall disinterest in his daughter's activities cause a split between the two, a wound that will never truly heal.


The Drifter

A man said to be "out of time", the Drifter travels throughout time, absorbing the remaining time energy out of his victims, transporting them to a random period in time, with less than 10 days to live, and with no memories. Let's just say Zoey isn't a huge fan of his work.

Also to be expanded upon as time goes on, as she actually gains enemies