Zorua the Cat

Zorua the Cat is a cat furry (( And or a Neko )), and looks similar to Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck-it-Ralph, except a cat. That's all I have to say in this small section up here. Why am I still writing? .-. Oh, I forgot to add, this is her theme:

Appearance and Personality Edit

Zorua as I said before looks similar to Vanellope Von Schweetz, but a cat. She is a cat furry that has brown eyes and black fur with white patches of fur on her snout, the tips of her paws, and the tip of her tail, and has candy stuck to the fur on her head. She wears a light blue hoodie with red licorice for the strings, a brown miniskirt that looks like a Reeses Cup wrapper, white and light blue striped leggings (they are mismatched and one leg has small pink stripe going through the white stripes), and brown shoes with pink drizzles of icing on them. Though she tends to go barepaw quite a bit.

Zorua's personality is sugary sweet, bubbly, overexcitable, and hyper. She can become defensive when it comes to her friends and pack members.

Other Random Facts Edit

  • Zorua the Cat is the disguise for Irken Invader Zorua.
  • Much like Vanellope, Zorua also glitches sometimes and has a go-kart like hers. The only difference between their go-karts is that instead of the "Made by Vanellope and Ralph" thing in icing on her kart, Zorua has her name signed in light blue icing with paw prints around it. It is also on a different side of the kart than where Vanellope signed on her own kart.
  • Zorua sometimes walks on four paws.